„Puterea prezentului cuprinde un sistem de convingeri conform căruia este benefic să trăim ancoraţi în prezent. Filozofia cărţii pledează pentru debarasarea de. Puterea prezentului. Ghid de dezvoltare spirituala has ratings and reviews. Khadidja said: i loved this book so much i’ll probably read it. Puterea prezentului. Ghid de dezvoltare spirituala – Editia a IV-a [Eckhart Tolle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Putem privi aceasta carte .

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There eckhart tolle puterea prezentului bits of practical advice in here that many people could stand to hear, especially those who worry too much about the past or future be it nostalgia, guilt, or fear. So, in walks eckhart tolle puterea prezentului soft-spoken German dude who slaps me in the face with his book while asking, ‘Instead of spending all of your time prezentuli the past or the future, why not focus on the present?

I think this is something this book can help me with but I must say, I’m not even half way and reading this is slow. I don’t fly well eckhart tolle puterea prezentului tend to flip out during take off’s, landings and any turbulence. Sometimes the questions reflected relevant, rational responses to Tolle’s teachings, but eckhart tolle puterea prezentului there were totally inane.

A lot of it seems redundant but I think it is meant to be that way to help everyone in their different situations. Sometimes there were no questions for almost an entire chapter. Eckhart Tolle had an epiphany, or, a complete mental eckhart tolle puterea prezentului depending on which side of the spiritual fence you sit on.


When you are present, when your attention is fully and intensely in the Now, Being can be felt, but it can never be understood mentally. The power of now simply says that we should live in the present because past is just another story we have no control over and future is uncertain, Illusion in my opinion.

I felt like I already knew a lot of the things he talks about which is a point he makesbut having them reiterated to me in textual form is just what I needed.

To be honest, this book helped me calm my nerves and to just let go of things. Books by Eckhart Tolle.

Those challenges are your tests. As long as I am present my only concern is that I’m happy to be alive. JK It’s better than most self-help, spiritual books.

Good luck on your search!

I think hanging out with the little sprite is cool. What Tolle is talking about are the practices of mindfulness and disidentifying with your thoughts eckhart tolle puterea prezentului of which are now being massively taken up in …more What Tolle is talking about are the eckhart tolle puterea prezentului of prezentuluu and disidentifying with your thoughts both of which are now being massively taken up in one form or another in Western cognitive-behavioral therapy.

I am the fucking best. Now I have finished it and rated it now.

Puterea prezentului. Ghid de dezvoltare spirituala

I was recently discussing books with a friend of mine who said he thought about this book “at least once a day”. View all 16 comments. I also noticed I do dwell a lot on past events and rehash them in my mind. I don’t know if it eckhart tolle puterea prezentului in this book or not though.


I have it in audio book and am letting it rest. This ego or duality is cause giving feeling of different myself than God.

Puterea prezentului. Ghid de dezvoltare spirituala by Eckhart Tolle (4 star ratings)

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Though, as always, the Norse teachings are left out.

Bottom line, religious organizations from the major lines Catholic, Protestant, or even evangelical or any other kind have basically taken some spiritual teachings ex. Gurjit Singh I is the God while my self is the feeling of duality with God or called soul which comes into existence due to ego or feeling of eckhart tolle puterea prezentului. I have fibromyalgia and possibly early rheumatoid arthritis While he warns us not to fall into these traps of literalism, he would certainly not be eckhart tolle puterea prezentului first spiritual teacher to have his message coopted and mutated — one can almost hear the self-obsessed Lululemon customers declaring that their bad customer service experiences are triggering their pain-bodies, or that a tepid latte is causing a real loss of being here.

Then one eckhart tolle puterea prezentului he woke up with an overwhelming sense of dread and anxiety. While I have managed some success at this, it remains something that I need to actively think about and remind myself to do almost constantly.