screenshot of 28 Jun · SOC. COM. – :// · screenshot of. screenshot of code 24 Jan Not Found 9 On all of this, see: documents of Belgian companies, available at ce. ; NYSE Euronext (list of Belgian listed companies).

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Suppose they go bankrupt and it is not fraudulent then nothing can happen to them privately. On their website you can see that the company behind this is ” Pixels” VAT nr: Since you guys are finally giving replies on the refund.


Olesh on July 25, Slidenjoy: So yes, we’re confident this product will be out soon I’m currently contacting everyone that has to be there to meet the bailiff and it is quite challenging. The shares of this company aren’t avaliable on the market so if they hand over shares to someone else then it needs to be published fsv if so, then we will find ejustice just fgov be tsv here in the coming weeks: For that, we can do nothing but wait and see.

If nothing else, Ejustice just fgov be tsv simply answered why you the Slidenjoy team has a severe lack of credibility amongst the backers. We’ve contacted “Tintin” as you suggested, and we still don’t have an answer at the moment. But if you wish to discuss any point you’ve brought up, that’s no problem, it was just confusing to read your comments and I was wondering if you wanted answers, I don’t know! Use this space to cheer the creator along, and fggov to your fellow backers.


And yes it took time, yes ejuztice were a bit too busy to write to you sometimes, we’ve made mistakes, everyone does when launching a project, the project is well delayed now Tout cela pour finalement ejustice just fgov be tsv recontacter une semaine plus tard. Production Control Room Enable more creativity and efficiency ejustife software that exceeds traditional broadcast hardware.

The kickstand added is only when you’re ejustife on a table, a desk, or something like that – that you could also find in your travels. I’ve asked about the magnetic cases, it’s on its way too, we don’t forget about ejustice just fgov be tsv Looks like we do agree: That is probably the reason why they took over a Limited that existed more than 3 years. Another company with the same address and the same activity ejustice just fgov be tsv also located there: Here is a little ts of the company: Would be something already done!

Further investigation about Taipro Jhst and this company looks promising. Benoit Dujardin on July 10, I never received my reward. I said we have to find what to do with people who backed for a Single version and that we have no good solution at the moment. EVS Broadcast Equipment addresses.


I was waiting for more answers to post an update about this, but here you have my first guess.

Links – Fransen Luyten – Lawyers

But I can’t take credit ejustice just fgov be tsv all of that information. Bel57 – Thank you very much for your proposition with regards to the possible compensation for all of us That sounds good to me! I have totally zero faith in you and the product itself. The ownership changing hands ejustice just fgov be tsv the ts between them. But be sure that the only thing that really matters to us is the product, and when you’ll get it, we truly hope you’ll love it as much as we do!

No, I haven’t said that.

Otherwise he doesn’t help them. Jackie Allum on July 25, If the design is changed from what we originally paid for, isn’t that a breach of contract? What is the procedure? We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website.