In this special edition of Healing Is a Choice, author Stephen Arterburn offers a unique Stephen Arterburn has provided us with a guide for making the right. 21 Apr In this special edition of Healing Is a Choice, author Stephen Arterburn offers a unique combination of book and workbook, outlining ten. 7 Nov The Paperback of the Healing Is a Choice: 10 Decisions That Will and 10 Lies That Can Prevent You From Making Them by Stephen Arterburn.

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Healing is a Choice Workbook

It wasn’t to my liking because I was expecting a book on physical healing which this book only lightly touched on. This will help you to reinforce the knowledge you have learned.

I believe every believer can benefit from the words in these pages!

Healing Is a Choice: I keep this book as close as stelhen Bible. This site uses cookies. I do not blindly accept guidance from anyone. Ask a Question What would you like to know about this product?

You may have prayed for healing many times, for many years. Healing is a Choice Workbook.

Mar 14, Amy rated it stepgen was amazing. He explored ten decisions that will change your life and bring in the healing we so desperately need and want.

Spiritual Meanderings Because “journey” would sound like I know where I’m going. Click to install Firefox. I took my time in reading through it, and did almost all of the workbook exercises along the way. This is a Serious Workbook for Healing. The fact that you’re going to have to learn how to make it happen does not put healing out of reach. This book is directly applicable to people who can’t get out of their ruts. Healing is a choice stephen arterburn especially like the lies that are given along with each choice.


Some of the stories used for examples included in this book are about very…mature topics. Fhoice the man does not give healing is a choice stephen arterburn to Jesus. While I realize that healing may not occur after following the steps, and as a Christian Рthough not evangelical I do believe that God holds the power of healing, aarterburn weakness I see is that by laying all responsibility for the actual healing onto God, it lets the author off the hook if the contents of the book are wrong or insufficient.

This review originated at http: We need not fear when we partner with God, though. So Jesus heals him anyway. Helps with moving forward, and clearly forgiving others, and myself as well!!!

It comes from someone who has not only counseled people with problems, but someone who has been through emotional and spiritual pain himself. The new version has a workbook built right into it. I might as well give up aretrburn get depressed.

We have to stand back up and try again!

Healing Is a Choice

No one can make you get healed. It can be used as a devotional, or as a small-group handbook, because everything id here will apply to every small or large problem you have. This book has helped me more than any book I have every read and it is still my go to book today. Each chapter in this book introduces a healing is a choice stephen arterburn to be made along the road to healing.


Book Review: Healing is a Choice, by Stephen Arterburn | Spiritual Meanderings

Sign In Desktop Site. Disclosure of Material Connection: It can help to examine what we may be telling ourselves that isn’t helping us, along with figuring out how to move forward. I had to reject the lies of Satan. I went to a class that healing is a choice stephen arterburn the author’s video introduction to each choice.

Don’t just read it, arteeburn what stepheb says! He may have wanted to remain healing is a choice stephen arterburn so he could just lie around, or he may have grown accustomed to begging and knew begging was easier if he had a health problem. There is space in this one. You do not currently have any custom channels. No quick fixes or instant success. Maybe you haven’t told a soul and you don’t stfphen what to do.