Find the most up-to-date version of JSA – JIS K at Engineering COM PDF – Search results, DOWNLOAD. JIS K STANDARD SDOCUMENTS2. COM jis k standard pdf Specimen. Sample Cutting Dies à ¢â‚¬â€œ. cert. no. ) 03/20/ page 1 of 14 scope of accreditation to iso , Jis K Free Download Here JIS K. physical testing methods .

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Type E 2 durometer with around half of sponge spring load figure of type E, and type FO to measure hardness of polystyrene sponge for the level of sponge washing dishes are available. Indentor Extension Tester The gauge to check the indentor height on a durometer and the reading indicator mechanism.

This standard is ruled by plastic business field in Japan apart from testing jis k 6301 standard of hardness of rubber. Dispersion of polystyrene level can be judged. However, jis k 6301 standard was used for 50 years as rubber hardness measurement and is still used as test data agreed between concerned persons even now when it is progressed to shift to new JIS and the standard is discontinued.

JSA – JIS K – Physical Testing Methods for Vulcanized Rubber; Errata – 5/ | Engineering

To top of product information. It consists of 3 types of durometer such as Type A for medium stiffness, Type D for jis k 6301 standard hardness and Type D for low hardness. Then, long jis k 6301 standard type complies with DIN However, it is used even now for measurement data or internal management data upon the agreement of concerned parties due to its extensive use historically within the rubber industry.

Pressure foot The Pressure standsrd in contact with the specimen is 44mm in width and 18mm in sstandard, wide enough to ensure accurate measurement.


Our product line consists of various types of durometers applicable to specific materials as indicated in the chart above. Constant Loader for Durometer Constant loarder assures uniform test pressure eliminating false readings due to differences between operators in measuring by hand.

Measurement example Hardness is being measured by placing GS G on the sponge sheet. Night line and highest and lowest limiter equipped for the both are standard. Two-pointer type max-hand and active hand of Rubber Hardness Tester Jis k 6301 standard stationary set hand max-hand makes the maximum value jis k 6301 standard to read and allows the creep characteristics of a specimen. High accuracy and repeatability of the hardness readings are assured by the flexible jis k 6301 standard function.

JIS K which had been established in and sustaining the base of rubber industry in Japan was discontinued in after the suspended period, as it was not in conformity with ISO, and JIS K was newly established.

JIS K-6301 1

Please select according to usage in addition to type A and Type D. At that time, deep hole H and long leg type L make measurement possible by making pressed face small or long.

The Pressure foot in contact with standadr specimen is 44mm in width and 18mm in depth, wide enough to ensure accurate measurement. As is half ball type osibari this is suitable for soft material like soft rubber expanded rubberhardness of spool of textile and film roll to which osibari sticks if it is type Jis k 6301 standard durometer.

The most important consideration in using durometers is to select the correct type for purposes of measurement according jis k 6301 standard the specimen. This is basically equal to JIS K of durometeras only its round up method of spring load kk etc. But we distinguish model code as another durometer from conformity of standard point of view.


Standard: JSA – JIS K 6301

Hardness Tester Selection Chart Our product line consists of various types of durometers applicable to specific materials as indicated in the chart above. In case there unevenness on the measured face, less flat face jis k 6301 standard of irregular shape and deep bump at the bottom, depressed face of durometer is difficult to reach and sometimes accurate measurement is not possible.

Type D is suitable for hard rubber jis k 6301 standard which measured figure by Type A 90 and above and Type E is suitable for soft rubber of which measured figure is below Load Tester for Hardness Tester Tester to check load properties of the spring on a durometer Inspection is conducted at 25, 50, and 75 points respectively. Inspection is conducted at 2, 50, and points respectively.

The stationary set hand max-hand makes the maximum value easier to read and allows the creep characteristics of a specimen. Type A which is main type tends to indicate higher figure by 1 or 2 points compared with conventional A hardness measurement. However, verification is recommended because a significant difference is estimated jis k 6301 standard be the largest when a durometer indicates standagd values from 10 to 90 points.

There are 2 kinds of A type for general rubber and C type for hard rubber. GS 4kg weight option ZY