An all-time bestseller, Dolf de Roos?s classic Real Estate Riches shows you how to find great deals and make great profits in the real estate market. You?ll learn. de Roos says Reed comment. almost without exception, the rich got that way through real estate or keep their money in real estate p. xviii, Not true. Forbes. to the Property Prosperity with Dr. Dolf de Roos, world renowned real estate on real estate including the New York Times bestseller Real Estate Riches.

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He says on p.

To become a successful investor, you must be a better appraiser than the appraisers. I suspect the real reason de Roos is saying to invest in multiple countries is to make himself sound like a jet setting international tycoon. The seller knows that you are serious p. CK Ong rated it really liked it Dec 28, After that Act, it was neither.

Real Estate Riches: How to Become Rich Using Your Banker’s Money by Dolf de Roos

Forbes devotes an annual issue to the richest people in the U. The notion that you never pay full asking price is a myth that is bby believed by novice investors. Residential versus Commercial Real Estate. There are lots of right ways and lots of wrong ways. You would have to learn the real estate portions of the federal income tax code of each country, numerous real-estate laws and customs and, worst of all, how to real estate riches by dolf de roos properties in each country.


Judging by your surname, could I assume that you are ‘Paddy’ or worse yet a ‘Mollie’, who were the first US terrorists in the late ‘s. There is no free lunch. Almost all the profit in real estate comes from selling; hardly any from operating rentals. Aug 19, Brian Hara rated it did not like it.

I would love to read an updated version that takes into account the more conservative lending practices and decreased information gap brought on by Zillow, etc. The World Is Your Oyster. We cannot tell if his lack of employment is admirable and reproducible by his readers until we know how he supported himself during his early adult years. Typically in the post-WW II era, that has taken a decade or more.

Real estate riches by dolf de roos Estate Riches appears to be such a book. If not, he will refuse to tie the property up with this buyer.

Real Estate Riches: How to Become Rich Using Your Banker’s Money

On-site resident manager duties require about 3. Jan 07, Devin rated it liked it.

This is so broad is nullifies the diches. Earthquake insurance is extremely expensive, has very high deductibles, excludes the real estate riches by dolf de roos most likely to be damaged like brickwork, and has extremely low limits on personal property damage. A laymen reading his book would come away with the impression that real-estate investment is far easier and less risky than it is.


This is an example of another one of them: Sabatine Ringbound, Revised Edition, That would give you an enormous phantom taxable gain, but no cash sales proceeds gain loan balance minus depreciation basis.

Tom Vu had bikini-clad babes. Oct 26, Jonathan rated it really liked it. It’s oros, much harder to use these techniques to buy an investment property with ‘no money down’. There are a number of intellectually dishonest ways to debate, like changing the subject or meaningless slogans. Nice book to learn about property real estate riches by dolf de roos.

You would have to inspect elevators, massive central heating and air-conditioning systems, numerous long-term leases, find office building financing, arrange for night-time cleaning and window washing, hire security staff, etc.

Self-made real estate mogul Dolf de Roos reveals why investing in property isso simple and lucrative as he gives insider secrets for getting ahead in thishigh-profit business.

It tells how each made his money. As I recall, it is unethical for an agent to present an offer with out an earnest money check. I usually put in a clause saying purchase in contingent on buyer arranging financing suitable to himself p.