A concise, free and complete summary of “The Memory Book” – Lorayne and Lucas’s guide to remembering anything, fast, with simple memory boosting. 30 Oct Today’s review: The Memory Book, by Harry Lorayne & Jerry Lucas. An oldie, a goodie, and possibly, a gigantic mistake. I picked up my copy at. 18 Jan Unleash the hidden power of your mind through Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas’s simple, fail-safe memory system, and you can become more.

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For instance, he routinely memorized the names of an entire studio audience, hearing each name only once. All I know is “In the beginning there was “. But they go on to suggest using mnemonics to memorize the Bible or Shakespeare. My main gripe with boook book is that there’s a breathtaking lack of information in it, and instead mostly focuses on several i.

I think that you really have to be interested in the topic in ord I was looking for something different. Ballantine Books- Fiction – pages.

I wonder how long he is going to keep his head bowed. Read reviews that vook techniques remember memorize improve learn names methods numbers words harry lorayne system practice helpful learning useful remembering college memorizing list.

He said he wanted me to come alone. You have to be extremely the memory book by harry lorayne and jerry lucas with special mental agility that only a few have. Being able to memorize effectively is too useful to not do, and this book will show just how easy it really is. Mnemonics can fade quickly. Focus on what you want to remember–if you want to remember. Also, the very expensive private colleges and universities had a tradition of respect and honor that seldom is seen in the much less expensive institutions of higher learning that the large majority of students attend.

Joshua Foer, Moonwalking with Einstein. After creating a link, it’s easy to just travel through the images until the end, and it’s also easy to travel the images backwards, so you pretty much have the whole list memorized quite well. Oh, I can see in his room and he is just now closing his Greek book. I felt a little guilty when the professors walked up to me daily and bowed to me in front of all the other students. Recalling the relevant peg item in or out of order will remind you of the relevant entry on your list.


Book Summary: “The Memory Book”, Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas

Thanks for this sublime summary of the Lucaz Book. I will keep trying to see if I can apply what I read into college! As soon loraune he was able, he dedicated the memory book by harry lorayne and jerry lucas to an entire lifetime of creating and refining a simple way to learn anything. To picture letters, create an association with something that sounds like the letter, for example:. Now in order to remember Sep 18, Fritz rated it did not like it.

You can keep on reading, and there are some good tips and tools provided in the rest of the book but it is entirely up to you. Imagine trying to memorize hundreds of Greek words each night. The Memory Book Harry LorayneJerry Lucas Ballantine Books- Fiction – pages 2 Reviews Unleash the hidden power of your mind through Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas’s the memory book by harry lorayne and jerry lucas, fail-safe memory system, and you can become more effective, more imaginative, and more powerful, at work, at school, in sports and play.

My three fellow Greek scholars all told me they knew I was a genius because they were each studying five hours per night in their little green Greek textbooks.

I used the methods in this book to memorize thousands of Chinese vocabulary words. No, it’s merely support struts to more quickly create phone number memories–the real goal.

This must be what it feels like to be a real genius! Finally, finished and I have a few minutes until class time. With practice, your uarry speed will bounce back.

They suggest making up mnemonics for every fact as you read. Finally, I just gave up telling them the truth once and let them think what they wanted to. It’s pretty strange and makes me question exactly what kind of audience the authors were writing for.


The Memory Book: The Classic Guide to Improving Your Memory at Work, at School, and at Play

Until this time you have not known what true scholarship is. But, with practice, the few seconds each step needs at first will become second-nature.

Aug 12, Karla The memory book by harry lorayne and jerry lucas rated it liked it. That is way above my ability.

Speed Reading with the Right Nad To count cards over several rounds simply rotate the form of mutilation to avoid getting confused e. I decided to give it a try because I had hatry learned the memory trick and I thought it might work in the university setting. Not listed, and particularly useful as well, is the memory book by harry lorayne and jerry lucas create some horrible, mangled, offensive image in your head which is understandable to leave out given the tone of the book but deserves mention due to being, probably, the easiest way to create images that stick source: In general you can probably notice a pattern that you can pretty much apply these ideas to anything that you find a consistent and creative way to convert into numbers.

Mar 05, George rated it liked it. For each point, pick one word using Substitution if necessary that will remind you of the whole idea. Who wouldn’t like to remember those things better? Although extremely impressed, I know I have to keep working on these techniques for a long time to get comfortable with them.

Part Rapp and part Reacher, Cal Stokes doesn’t play by the rules.

Review: “The Memory Book” by Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas (1974)

Your right how can you do that! The video content is inappropriate. At least 60 students staring at me, this is very nice but embarrassing Things are fine with me; look forward to seeing you in class tomorrow.