A concise, free and complete summary of “The Memory Book” – Lorayne and Lucas’s guide to remembering anything, fast, with simple memory boosting. 30 Oct Today’s review: The Memory Book, by Harry Lorayne & Jerry Lucas. An oldie, a goodie, and possibly, a gigantic mistake. I picked up my copy at. 18 Jan Unleash the hidden power of your mind through Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas’s simple, fail-safe memory system, and you can become more.

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I’d read up on varying memory systems before, but found this book to be a LOT more clearer to understand and learn from. Feb 10, Alice Cerconi rated it liked it Shelves: But if you want to understand how to memorize deliberately and barry, this book will show you how.

Being good at memorizing numbers ends up just being an exercise in loeayne cute words from the consonants the memory book by harry lorayne and jerry lucas then linking them together. As soon as he was able, he dedicated himself to an entire lifetime of creating and refining a simple way to learn anything.

Review: “The Memory Book” by Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas () – Your Awesome Memory

I cannot believe how easy this is and how now I can memorize lots of information with ease lightning fast. For instance, Lorayne and Lucas have a short chapter on remembering what you read. The book is written at around a third grade level, but byy stuff like chapters titled “Teaching your children”, and the book has an extreme amount of hand-holding that made me end up flipping past several pages saying “yeah I get it, yeah I get jerrj, yeah I get it”.


My grades kept on getting higher hafry higher and higher. That said, mostly for my own usage, I’m going to summarize most of the memory book by harry lorayne and jerry lucas content in this book below, along with some misc. To count cards over several rounds simply rotate the form of mutilation to avoid getting confused e.

Back to War Corps Justice Book 1. He lives in New York City. It seemed like real magic that I liked very much. I also know that co-autho I am giving this book a very high rating because I think I read it but I can’t remember but I’m guessing that it was very, very good.

Book Summary: “The Memory Book”, Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas

And concrete is just what we need for The Link Method. By concentrating on the second step, everything else you want to know will coalesce around and finally you will be actually learning.

View all 4 comments. Some good tricks for creating good images are substitution imagine one thing replacing anotherproportion imagine one thing the size of the other, generally not the same size, thingexaggeration cartoonishly crazy images of the things you’re imaginingand action thing doing a thing. Feb 23, Amna rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Even when the knowledge would stay, I had a hard time thinking about it.

Thanks for your Hi Radoslaw! And I knew all this information would stay permanently in my mind without any additional study. The only thing that would make your memory perfect is how much you dedicate yourself to them. See All Goodreads Deals….


Lists with This Book. Beautiful techniques that you cannot ahem Books the memory book by harry lorayne and jerry lucas this tend to be good or at least good for you. Imagine trying to memorize hundreds of Greek words each night. Now he is sitting there quietly like a stone statue and staring deep into my eyes with a purposely disquieting intensity. If you do make your own, read a few tips online about handling face cards first and be careful haryr to overlap with your Peg and Alphabet-Word systems.

Review: “The Memory Book” by Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas (1974)

The techniques above will help you sneak information quickly into memory. The initial barrier is big enough for memorj to be reluctant to learn this.

Check out the first book of the series that has politicians squirming After creating a link, it’s easy to just travel through the images until the end, and it’s also easy to travel the images backwards, so you pretty much have the whole list memorized quite well. No trivia or bool yet. Now in order to remember